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The Power of the Worm

December 10, 2013 New Jersey,Steelfin,Striped Bass,Stripers,Surf Fishing,

Fishing with Marathon guide, Albert Ponzoa is always incredible but this time was different... it was better.

It was mid-April and the tarpon were really starting to make their push over the oceanside flats towards Bahia Honda. Team Steelfin was there, armed and ready with 10 and 11-weight fly rods and a baggie full of worm flies. Time and time again, the same scenario wold unfold... Ponzoa told us where and when the fish would come, and come they did. In really big schools of 70-120 pound fish over white sand... images we won’t soon forget. A cast was made, and the fly was drifted or retrieved with minimal movement, the tiny worm was engulfed and, a two-handed retrieve helped the hook find purchase in the maw of silver fury.

On our best day we landed eight. Pure heaven.